Friday, August 15, 2008

Cookie Dough!

Today I am sharing my favorite tip in the whole world. Have you ever bought one of those tubs of frozen fundraiser cookie dough? Ok, maybe just me, but they're not very good and kinda expensive. They taste overly processed and there are never enough chocolate chips. Let's make our own, shall we?

1. Make your favorite cookie dough. Mine is Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies.
2. Use a cookie scoop or tablespoon and doll out the cookies on something that has a flat surface and will fit in your freezer. I use two plastic cutting boards.

3. Place in freezer until cookie dough freezes.
4. Scrape off cookie dough balls with a spatula.
5. Place in a gallon size freezer bag or a cleaned out 1-gallon ice cream tub.
6. Write the instructions (i.e. 375 degrees for 9-11 minutes) on the container.

My two cents:
1. There is no need to defrost the dough before it goes into the oven, but it may take 1-2 minutes longer to cook. Just keep an eye on them. Prefer to cook them defrosted? Then set the whole cookie sheet on the stove while the oven preheats and the frozen cookie dough softens pretty fast.
2. Want to really impress people? If you have three kinds of cookies in the freezer you can put them on one cookie sheet, assuming they have similar baking instructions. Instant variety.
3. Christmas is coming - cookie platters anyone? You can make the dough in advance and cook them later.
4. This can help with portion control. You can cook two cookies if you want!
5. I made a triple batch a few days ago that will last us for months if I can stop popping them like candy. Hi, my name is Carrie and I have a portion control problem.
6. Surprise company or going to visit a friend? Have a dozen hot cookies to share in ten minutes or less! How's that for instant awesome?


Gina H. said...

Great idea--love it!!! THanks!

Kim said...

This is my absolute favorite new tip! I put a link to your page on my blog so everyone can read it. Thanks! Kim